About Us

About Us

Total coverage of the UK and Ireland

Our specialist Area Managers make regular visits to hospitals, clinics and doctors. To find out how to contact your local Area Sales Representative click here.

Professional Sales Representatives

All of our representatives have experience in the medical field and are able to demonstrate equipment to and provide support for doctors, surgeons, senior nursing offices and sterilisation departments. All orders are executed promptly, usually on the day of receipt.


Routine mailings and advertising are carried out, which target end users who are in key markets. Contracts and tenders from DHSS Regional and Area Health Authorities are dealt with regularly.

Attendance at national meetings and conferences

All our partners are represented at all major meetings and exhibitions of all disciplines of the medical profession. In all, some 30 exhibitions per year are attended by our agents.

Working directly with our partners

All our partners are apprised of any changes to the market, competitor's prices or new products as and when they happen.
We are happy to arrange sales training and field work in co-operation with the manufacturer's own representatives.

Above all, Napiermedical Ltd can offer business growth to our mutual benefit.